The WTM Pittsburgh Center joins other Centers in Pennsylvania, New York, Virginia and right across the world that have been established to ensure this invaluable and transformational understanding of the human condition is shared far and wide to psychologically liberate and rehabilitate humanity.

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“Throughout history there has always been someone trying to unravel the subject of the human condition and the ‘instinct vs intellect’ clash that produced it — from religious people like Moses to thinkers like Plato — but they never had all the pieces of the puzzle. It took Jeremy, and the discoveries of science, with its understanding of genes and nerves, to work it out.”

Ben Moseby, WTM Port Lincoln (Australia) founder

“‘UNDERSTANDING’ is the medicine we all need that can finally heal, harmonize, and clear up all the misunderstanding and confusion about ourselves and others.”

Sanjoy Pal, WTM Kolkata (India) founder

“Living without this understanding is like living back in the stone age, that’s how massive the change it brings is!”

Dr Karen Riley, WTM Toronto (Canada) founder

“It’s imperative that every single one of us do absolutely everything we can to get this absolutely essential information to the world. As it stands, the human race is in a head-long rush into oblivion. This information is absolutely vital — to save not only the planet, but also the very essence of humankind as the heroes that we were meant to be.”

Warren Smith, WTM Oxford (England) founder

“As rational beings we would be doing our mind a disservice to let such a quantum leap in understanding lie un-explored, un-utilised, and indeed un-supported.”

Simon Mackintosh, WTM Wellington (New Zealand) founder